Crap! New Year’s Eve Again!!

Darn…do I suck at this or what? So 2016 went by in an exhausting blur – some good and some epic bad. If I was the type to get tattoos then Mr. Beer Budget Dressage and I totally should have some very impressive and hard earned ink.

In terms of the good – Whitman and I busted the Third Level barrier!! I already crowed about that, so I can keep that short. Fourth level was fun and it was so good to get there at all – let alone with some very exciting scores.

As always, we did not get to the lake or go camping enough. There was a great trip to Montana which included some beautiful camping in Idaho. It was probably the furthest from civilization I have ever gotten to be in my life. Delta Airlines (or Delayta as our son calls it) robbed us of a trip to Glacier, so Idaho was the back up plan. It was gorgeous and 14 miles from a paved road.

I certainly didn’t get to a single event and made only a token attempt at “real” trail riding.

The barn fire seems to have defined the year, or at the least makes it hard to focus on other parts of the year. It sounds like the next week should be pretty productive – both concrete and stall delivery is supposed to be early this week. I have been hoping to be “in” the new barn by the end of the month for the last three months, but maybe, this time, it will really be move in time before Groundhog’s Day.

So goals for 2017 –

Bad pun – but I may be at my wit’s end with Whitman. Trying to deal with a full blown diva that is not in work has me ready to star in a reality show about dysfunctional inter-species relationships. While he is great at shows, I am not certain I still have the energy to keep a diva on par with Mariah Carey happy and focused. So a big goal will be on figuring out what is best for Whitman and myself. He will be returning to work this month and we will see where it goes from there. He is a tremendous talent, but as a mom with a “life-sucking” full time job plus a boarding barn – I am not certain the “fun to frustration” ratio is where I would like it. We were here last winter when I was coming off of “stall rest” and I was back in love with him/us this summer, so I wouldn’t believe me until change actually takes place. I did put him up for sale at the end of last year to promote marital harmony but put the price higher than was realistic.

So as far as horse goals – “damned if I know” seems to be the theme. I think it will just be that I will work really hard at trying to achieve something. I really miss eventing but can’t find the resources to own a third horse. At the same time, I would very much like to get involved in driving horses more. In my mind, it would make it much easier to combine family and horses if I could toss us all in a cart (marathon buggy in my dreams) and hit the proverbial road.

I think 2017 will be yet another rebuilding year (when do I get the “built” year???). I am making no specific horse related resolutions other than to work like hell, try and get my mojo back, and see what lies ahead.

In the mean time, there is family, sweat pants, wine, Labradors, and netflix! Happy New Years and

-Beer Budget Dressage to all y’all!




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