So …about 2015…

I went back and looked at my blog post for the beginning of 2015. If I was grading myself – I may have a D or even an F on last year. It sounds worse that it is. Mr. BeerBudgetDressage hurt his back and spent most of the first half of the year bed ridden and even with surgery it was a long road back to the land of the walking upright. That really put a damper on the year. I decided to close out the last two months with my own injuries, but am largely well again and closing in on being fully functional – so no real complaints. Despite it not being our best year, I am profoundly grateful for my human and animal family members and friends, my day job that allows for health insurance and all sorts of mediocre sounding things that are so necessary to modern life, and all sorts of other wonderful dull things. Life is pretty darn good.

So, my goals in review (annotated with updates).

Be fitter/lose weight (have to put that on the list or I am not a Generation X [or am I Y??] female – pretty sure we signed that contract with the first breathe drawn, having been teaching for over a decade I am pretty certain that the millennial generation females got to skip the bad body image judging by what they are willing to wear – Victoria has very few secrets left and her clothes don’t automatically make you look like the airbrushed models in the catalog and there was a reason leggings went out of fashion. Ok – claws sheathed.) 2015 Updateumm…so so. I am about the same. I was doing pretty well with a new exercise program until I was lawn-darted into the ground. Running is not going so well, despite a lot of doctors visits/PT/sucking it up and pushing through – my hip does not want to allow for me to be a “real runner”. I will continue to try but am not setting running as a 2016 goal. Bummer, but I am going back to the online program I was doing -with some modifications for my buggered knee and hematoma riddled hiney. Grade of C-

2. Spend more quality time with my son – self-explanatory. 2015 update – Did better with this one. Shut down most of my lesson business and that helped – we never seem to have enough time but there is less guilt and I do like spending more time with “shortpants” and I know he appreciated the extra nagging. Grade of B

2. Get organizedI made this one last year, but am really going to try this year to keep all of my business records on Quickbooks. I want to be able to discuss my financial records with my mother without one of us reaching for wine, and for the accountant not to reach for antacids when I come in. 2015 update – yeah..lasted about a month … mom will need wine and the accountant (a new one this year) is already doing the extended blink at me with some of my organizational issues. The idea that I don’t use quickbooks seems inconceivable to her. Grade of F.

3. Read more/surf less. I love the internet but the relationship has become mundane and I keep perusing the same sites over and over. I have a gigantic pile of books on my nightstand and want to work my way through some – horse books and non-horse books. Hmmm…maybe a C on this. I am reading more but did join the Dark Side with Facebook. Not a lost cause, but got a phablet so I can’t lie on the “less internet” goal.

4. If Ries can stay sound, I really want to do a training level event again. So that means I need to suck it up and get my butt to a clinic or schooling sessions in the early spring and see what my horse actually thinks of banks and ditches outside of a competition setting. So far he has always gone but he doesn’t care for it and doesn’t understand the technique of jumping such obstacles either. I’d like to be able to ride to them with confidence and not have to ride hell-bent-for-leather to make certain Reis goes. If Ries can’t get to the point where he can enjoy the flat work (or at least not hate it), then I need to get a third horse again. I think if I promise not to bring home a warmblood, my dear husband will not have a conniption fit. December 2015 Update: Can’t provide this with a grade – Ries was sound, jumping like a champ, muddling through his flatwork, dealing with what little cross country we could (does not like ditches but did seem to figure out down banks – however discovered that he hates trakaners), but due to torrential rain we did not make it to a single real event. We did win another jacket at the combined test this year so that curse seems to be broken but did not get to training level eventing. No grade due to factors beyond our control so I am recycling this goal for next year.

5. Get Whitman out and about at Third Level, if he is ready. Between Fred and Laz, Third Level makes me angry so I’d like to change that and then get well past it. December update: This failure will get a blog post of its own. Didn’t get to a show – Whitman wasn’t ready until the end of the season for Third (rocking third not just getting through), the local shows were moved to not local locations, arggghh! If Jordan can solve our problems and Kathleen will still coach me, I may just skip third. 

6. Camp more this summer – maybe real camping but at least spending more time in the RV. Whether horse shows, state parks, the lake, whatever. Grade of B+ – did some (very little) camping just at the lake, but did go to Yellowstone so that gets us some extra credit. Sticking with this one for 2016 as well since I like it so much.

So for 2016 – rinse and repeat. Beer Budget Dressage is trying to sustain a horse in training with someone else so we will also be exploring some new and fun financial challenges in addition to life and fate challenges – stay tuned!


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