Hmmm…may not snap back as quick as planned

Now five days out from my date with my arena footing, I am still very swollen through my back/derriere/left leg. It’s hard to know much about anything else until the swelling goes down. While I really was impressed with emergency staff, I will be switching primary care physicians. I have been less than pleased for a long time but yesterday’s antics left me no better off and two hours short of time that could have been better spent beating my head against a wall.

None of that is remarkable – I know this will be a long slow recovery. The trauma doctors told me I had a very rough two weeks ahead of me.

What did set me back though was yesterday I was watching the movie “Justin” with my son. We got to the scene where the main character is rocketing up on an alligator/dragon and the wings fall off and they start plummeting back to earth (this is a cartoon mind you) and as the kid/dragon peaked and started back down …. my stomach flip-flopped on me. I just looked down at said stomach and was sort of aghast with myself. Parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems may have to have a bit of a chat.


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