Take another little piece of my heart

So its been a summer of big and very difficult decisions. Since spring, I have had to really reconsider my business plan and teaching lessons on my own horses and where I wanted to go with my own business. To be honest, the long term business plan has been something I have been wrestling with over the last few years. As insurance costs have climbed and with Webster getting older and the loss of Fred, I decided to stop teaching people on my own horses. It was and continues to be a heart wrenching decision. From the logical perspective, it was a no-brainer. To teach on my own horses, I have to put in a lot of work riding/training horses so they are ready to be lesson horses, it limited my time with Ries and my competitive goals, it really interfered with time with my own family, I would have needed to acquire a proper lesson pony etc., most of my lesson people were on their own horses, and so on and so forth. Logic only goes so far though.

At the same time, the few people I had that were using my horses were very sweet and its heart wrenching to tell a little girl that she can’t come ride your horses anymore. Add to it that you have several very sweet little girls who break into big happy grins when they come in contact with a horse and you can so remember that feeling yourself. Bloody heck! If I had a pile of spoiled brats that would make it easier, but no – I have a couple kids that would give up candy for life to come pet ponies. Oy!

The decision took a lot of stressful pacing to make – then announcing the decision pretty much gobbled up my stomach lining. On the bright side, I had a great farm to refer people to – so that helped. It may not be a permanent decision, but since I have my own very sweet seven year old that needs more of my time, its the decision that makes the best sense for now. However, just when I thought I had come to terms with the decision – this shows up at my house

IMG_1918 IMG_1919

And there you go – pieces of my heart all over the place.


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