Realities of the beer budget

Due to the amount of time I spend cleaning stalls or watering the arena – my “if I won the lottery” scenarios are highly detailed and very impressive. My reality is a stark difference. In my lottery scenario, the barn and my family are my full-time life. I wear expensive breeches and tailored shirts that match my horse’s saddle pad. I pay my friends to be professional friends and its an adult version of the Saddle Club.

In reality, my breeches are worn and never washed often enough. Unless Salvation Army can be considered a sponsor, I am not dressed with any particular style.  I work a full-time job that seems to demand a ridiculous amount of outside-of-the-office time. That job pays for the non-horse life. The horse life is what pays for the horse life. So we board, I once in a while take on training horses, and teach lessons. On the bright side, I abhor being bored and don’t even like going to the movies because it requires me to sit passively still. However, packing everything into a 24 hour day is quite the challenge. Take today for instance

5:20 – woken up by adoring and needy yellow labrador (alarm doesn’t go off until 5:30 but he has a hard time waiting)

5:30 – the alarm on my phone goes off – I tap snooze

5:39 – snooze alarm goes off – if my vision clears, I check email on my phone. Remind myself to unsubscribe to the photobucket email list (which I never remember to do), delete it, wander to the shower. The rest of the morning involves making a vain attempt to make my hair look okay (I am having a bad hair life), change my clothes 2-3 times due to being ridiculous fussy over how my clothes fit/feel (comfort issue more than fashion), spend 20 minutes making an omelet and packing my lunch, wake up my son and commence nagging dear son and husband. Feed the dogs that have been following me around like lampreys on a shark and head to work. I want to be there by seven, but its usually 7:05 before I head out the door.

7:05 – head out the door

7:06 – head back in the door, grab phone that I forgot and hopefully my lunch

7:08 – dear husband puts the lunch that I forgot again in the fridge

7:10 – arrive at work (I have a two mile commute). I will waste too much time saying hello to one of the secretaries, touching base with friends and don’t actually get to actual work until 7:25, but normally I have had a really good laugh by then. The day explodes by 7:35 and I go like a maniac until the end of the day.

The rest of the day depends on what day of the week it is – but today for instance –

3:45 – arrive home, hand son off to husband and grandmother (my mother)

4:00 – out to the barn, water the indoor

4:30 – teach a munchkin lesson on Ries

5:30 – drag outdoor

5:55 – potty/water break

6:00 – longe Ries over poles since I can’t count the up/down lesson as actual exercise for him and I still have hopes of eventing him this season (seriously – how can you not love a horse that will pack a seven year old around like an old cart horse and then jump three feet like a boss or trail ride like a cow pony)

6:30 – lesson for the owners of Flynn/Tas – get to use my brain and do some problem solving

7:30 – longe Whitman over poles

8:00 – cool Whitman out, while he was completely unfazed by the white cat chasing the longe whip the entire time he was longed – he freaked out over seeing the cat in the driveway.

8:02 – catch Whitman and return to conversation with long time border who is familiar with nitWhit – hardly missed a bit in the conversation

8:05 – start evening chores

8:55 – finish evening chores

9:00- hands are washed, sweat pants are on, beer and gluten free bowl of chips in hand (not on a gluten free diet, they were on a really good sale), cheese stick and lap top in other hand. Flop onto couch and realize that despite having composed a number of blogs in my head, nothing has been posted in a month.


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