Signs of Spring

After a record breaking 34 days of below freezing temperatures, spring is finally making a shy and largely temporary appearance.

Signs of Spring –

Flooding! Our barn/house/farm are at the base of a hill so minor flooding/flood abatement projects are a constant. The washstall drain remained frozen so instead of the slanted floor working to shunt water down the drain, it filled like a bathtub. While shoveling/bailing it out, I remained sadly chipper since at least it wasn’t frozen and I was enjoying the variety in my routine. Since the ice/snow around the barn was acting as a bit of berm/levy, the water never got higher than the lip of the wash stall. We have had a few inches of water through one whole side of the barn (including the tackroom) before, so I was grateful.

The pasture hydrant only takes a few minutes to thaw – which is awesome. Its amazing when chores go back to taking the near usual amount of time.

The arena hydrant thaws. For the first time in months, I was able to water the arena without having to lug hoses from the barn. It felt positively luxurious.

I can fill water buckets  ahead of time with a hose. For most of the last few months I have been bucketing water from the tackroom to stalls. If horses were not in, I lugged buckets to the tackroom to thaw. The other day when it was “warm”, I filled buckets while doing morning chores so I would not have to do it that night. Getting night check down to under an hour has been fabulous.

Decreased turnout time as the pasture goes from pretty white snow to mud/frozen mud. Thanks to a change in pasture dynamics, the light horse herd goes out in pairs instead of a quartet. I normally let the borders have the first shift and allow the wondertwins to entertain themselves walking stall to stall while I muck out.

I can take blankets off for more than a quick brush or a riding with a cooler. I am not certain most horses got more than a few minutes without a blanket of some sort through all of February.

Shedding!! I am constantly walking around spitting out horse hair. You are reminded pretty quickly to not make the mistake of trying to wipe the hair out of your mouth with your gloved hand. Instead of getting one hair out, you insert a handful.

Finding all of the buckets, shovels, and various other bits of detritus as the snow pack melts. Its like a weird sort of early Easter egg hunt.

Of course, now that April nears we are back to teens and twenties, but it was a nice preview.


The Wondertwins

The “WonderTwins” enjoy cleaning up Sam’s leftovers and making certain that he is still eating all of his grain (sadly for them, Sam does).


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