Da#$ New Year’s Again!

Man, time flies whether you are having fun or not. For me 2014 was fine. Nothing terrible happened in my own personal life, nothing impressive either. Having to put Fred and Bailey down was sad, but the result of old age and lives well lived. Friends and family have not had such good luck, so there are several people to whom my heart goes out to but their stories are not mine to post. A few miracles are needed though. So, I am chalking the year up to “fine”, mostly. I point out to God/fate on a pretty regular basis that I am exceedingly grateful for my good fortune and my problems that most people would like to have.

And now we enter resolutions season. In theory I believe that resolutions are pointless and having a specific time of year to have them is really annoying. The reality is though that I pretty much make a habit of thinking I am falling short of where I want to be so limiting myself to one time of the year would be challenging.

So let’s see – the long list

1. Be fitter/lose weight (have to put that on the list or I am not a Generation X [or am I Y??] female – pretty sure we signed that contract with the first breathe drawn, having been teaching for over a decade I am pretty certain that the millennial generation females got to skip the bad body image judging by what they are willing to wear – Victoria has very few secrets left and her clothes don’t automatically make you look like the airbrushed models in the catalog and there was a reason leggings went out of fashion. Ok – claws sheathed.)

2. Spend more quality time with my son – self-explanatory.

2. Get organized – I made this one last year, but am really going to try this year to keep all of my business records on Quickbooks. I want to be able to discuss my financial records with my mother without one of us reaching for wine, and for the accountant not to reach for antacids when I come in.

3. Read more/surf less. I love the internet but the relationship has become mundane and I keep perusing the same sites over and over. I have a gigantic pile of books on my nightstand and want to work my way through some – horse books and non-horse books.

4. If Ries can stay sound, I really want to do a training level event again. So that means I need to suck it up and get my butt to a clinic or schooling sessions in the early spring and see what my horse actually thinks of banks and ditches outside of a competition setting. So far he has always gone but he doesn’t care for it and doesn’t understand the technique of jumping either. I’d like to be able to ride to them with confidence and not have to ride hell-bent-for-leather to make certain Reis goes. If Ries can’t get to the point where he can enjoy the flat work (or at least not hate it), then I need to get a third horse again. I think if I promise not to bring home a warmblood, my dear husband will not have a conniption fit.

5. Get Whitman out and about at Third Level, if he is ready. Between Fred and Laz, Third Level makes me angry so I’d like to change that and then get well past it.

6. Camp more this summer – maybe real camping but at least spending more time in the RV. Whether horse shows, state parks, the lake, whatever.



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