The end of the meet

I volunteer for a group called Finger Lakes Finests Thoroughbreds, Inc. We try to help network and find homes/second careers for horses retiring from the Finger Lakes racetrack. The end of the season is difficult. While we helped place well over a hundred horses, there are still dozens more that are facing a one way trip to an auction or will be in dire straits in a few weeks. I got into this realizing that you cannot save them all, but it is really hard to accept that. Most of the trainers will continue to provide for their horses over the winter and find them homes. Others are gypsies themselves and when they head to warmer climes, they may just leave the horses on the track. Evidently there is a truck that will come and pick those horses up. I don’t know what and all that means, exactly. I have my suspicions, but nothing beyond that.

So if anyone is out there – the website and there is a page to “donate”. No pressure, but if someone is feeling like making a Christmas time donation, it can help us to help one of the horses in greater trouble. Heck – it could lead to an extra OTTB to spoil at our barn if I catch my husband at a weak moment. If anyone wants to send the link around on Facebook, I would not be offended.



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