Priorities – the “p” theme continues

Ambitions that were conceived during winter have certainly not been realized this summer. Thanks to the freakish heat and humidity, I am not certain that I care. Perhaps, 2013 shall been filed under a “rebuilding season”. I have been “rebuilding” for most of the last five years, so when everything finally lines up – world watch out! đŸ™‚

So let’s see (drum roll for the excuses) ….

Whitman’ s show season was not actually a big part of the plans this year. I showed him twice at recognized (read – super expensive) USDF shows last year. My riding instructor wasn’t available for coaching last year. However, if I had asked, she would have gone. I could not bring myself to ask her to drive that far and give up an income producing day for one measly schooling fee. Plus, its not that much fun going to a show by yourself, other then the show where two women thought I might need a new stepmom to be hauled to horse shows with me (that will need to be its own post sometime). Whitman is going great and for a while I really wanted to do the FEI Five Year Old test, but took on too many responsibilities at work and have a wedding to attend on the one other show weekend, so no season for Whitman. *shoulder shrug*

Tas was going to be my backup plan for Ries. Tas had other plans and preempted Ries this year by “doing” a suspensory ligament  in May. He came in from the pasture with a puffy front leg and no lameness, so that took a little bit to figure out. Eventually I listened to my paranoia and my hypochondria was confirmed by the sport horse vet that came to see Ries. So, Tas is having a summer of stall rest. Being a clever little Morgan, Tas has learned to rattle the blanket bar on his stall front like maracas and make all of us insane. He did it the night the vet was here, causing the vet to comment “Never saw a horse so excited to see a vet”. Tas loves humans and all interaction is good. On the bright side, my regular veterinarian came and checked the ligament and there is inflammation but no signs of scar tissue or actual damage to the tendon itself. So, it will be a long and conservative rehab, but the long-term prognosis is very good. So, no show season for Tas. *eye roll*

And now the continuing saga of Ries. For Ries, I had big plans (yes, slow learner). We were going to go to southern PA for a Memorial Day training session – that fell through on the other end. That was to be followed by a Novice level run at Lost Hounds, there was a fantasy of running Novice at Stuart, and then maybe move up to Training at Erie in August. Instead, in the spring we repeated last year with a farrier incident induced abscess that only resolved in mid-July (another incident deserving its own blog post). Well it would not have mattered, since both Lost Hounds and Stuart were cancelled due to extreme amounts of rain. About the time the abscess was flaring up, Ries had both hocks and stifles injected in June. So now, a month later we seem to be moving forward. The left stifle is still a little “wimpy”, but I think we still have a fighting chance and will be carefully conditioning him. However, having him fit and ready by August for the Erie event, is not realistic nor in his best interest, so no real show season for Ries *head/desk*.

To avoid sounding whiny, if these are my problems, so be it.


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