Don’t chew on the electric fence

This is valid advice on a farm. We had friends over the other night. The mothers were getting to ride and the fathers were going to grill and watch the children. Sounded like a perfect division of labor to me. The ride was very nice. The other mother entertained us by having her stirrup come undone while mounting Ries. The resulting loss of balance was entertaining enough, but nothing in comparison to the look on her face. However, that was the most remarkable part of the trail ride, which in my opinion, means that it was a successful trail ride (more on that with the next post)

So after we rode, we were putting horses away and tidying up. Their daughter cheerfully ran up and grabbed hold of the electric fence. I could not quite find the appropriate nouns quickly enough so shouted out with a “hey, that fence that your kid is chewing on – its electric”. Evidently that section was not because while the toddler had both fists on the wire and was happily chewing on the electrobraid without twitching or screaming. Dad made a fast dive to grab her and her mother made some pretty good time out of the barn.


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