TGIF – or thank goodness that I am as boring as paste

So here is a news flash – my day job is stressful. As Jeff Foxworthy says “Great! There is a support group for that. Its called “everybody” and they meet at the bar!” Fortunately for me, this week it met at the barn, and since I live here, driving is not a concern. Its not a bad Friday evening. I get to come home from work, spend a few hours with my kid, and then head to the barn to do a lesson. Webster and “B” are a really fun lesson. They have spent the last few years shaping their relationship to a point where they are both very happy. “B” is a pretty tactful rider and Webster, since he likes her, is dramatic but basically good. I spend a lot of the time trying to encourage her to be more firm with the pony and then cracking up when he has his version of a bolting, bucking fit while the rider giggles. Seriously – I get paid for this.

Then, not realizing that said border is in the barn, I am laughing with Helen about how I know when Anna and Eric arrive because my dogs have a hairy fit to go outside. Anna and Eric come armed with treats for both equine and canine varieties. As I am cheerfully announcing this to Helen, Anna calls out a “hello” from Rosie’s stall, knowing darn well that I had no idea she was there. Really?? This is the “snarky” statement that I get caught making. Our boarders are pretty low drama. Connie and Ellie arrive to ride as well. Being socially astute, I realize that this is a great opportunity to open a big bottle of cab-sav that I was given. The vino is poured into the good Styrofoam cups with our initials done in “Sharpie’ – Toby Keith you can kiss my #$% 🙂

I worked two horses tonight. The diva, I worked with Connie and “E” while they rode their horses. “E” demonstrated the reason that I am a total nag (no pun intended) on keeping your heels down. “Why are you riding your pony’s neck?” Anna joined us up in the arena with my traitorous dogs at her side. Then I worked Ries on my own and set aside even more of the day’s concerns. The evening wrapped up with some quiet time by myself while I cheerily scrubbed my tack and the tack room and danced badly to Pandora on my iphone. Since I was in such a good mood, I even fed my useless barn cats.


One comment on “TGIF – or thank goodness that I am as boring as paste

  1. Helen Ihasz says:

    Friday night at the barn is indeed a great way for us to end the week, and the Bri and Web show is perfect entertainment. The added beverage bonus was nice this week, too! Sorry we missed the dancing!

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