Not funny, Sam

So, Monday the 20th was actually a sunny day in western New York. I decided to take advantage of the rare weather event and ride Whitman outside. Not being the world’s slowest learner, I decided to longe the ever-loving snot out him first. I had a hard time deciding whether to pay attention to the 1300 pound crazed maniac at the end of the longeline or the two paddocks filled with horses in a spring-like craze. Of course, the antics started with Flynn. Inspired by Whitman she launched into a series of rear, squat, leap – repeat. I caught myself wondering if I could do that many squat thrusts and at that tempo. She then chased her pasture group into joining her in equine zumba. Webster never even glanced at his pasture mates or the outdoor arena and kept his head firmly ensconced in the round bale.

The Belgians decided that they were also feeling frisky and began cantering around their pasture. Sam also joined in charging around. At this point, I was on my horse and keeping an eye on the herd as I made some laps on NitWhit. I was thinking that if I could even walk fast when I am the equivalent of Sam’s age, I will be most pleased with myself, assuming I remember who the heck I am. As I came back around, the Belgians were placidly munching hay again and Sam was flat out on his side in the mud. I called his name, and relaxed as I saw his head lift. I came back around, and now even Sam’s head was stretched out and not moving. I bellowed at him with no response, so was getting ready to get off Whitman and go and see if he really was gone. Then as I was heading over, I was thinking that this wasn’t really a tragedy or a bad way to go – running like a maniac one minute and peacefully gone the next. At this point, the Belgians realized something was amiss and trotted over. As soon as they got within range, Sam leapt (really leapt, I about fainted, as did Whitman) up, and cantered off with an “up yours” kick at Quinn and Liberty. I let out with a “not funny, Sam!”, and Sam seemed to think I was completely wrong and that it was very funny.


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