Da@# – broke my streak!

Mean old Mr. Gravity wins again. Whitman thinks that if another horse spooks, he should “one up” that horse by spooking and bucking and rearing. The first time was a few days ago. Flynn made a minor spook at the wind battering the arena and Whitman took off down the long side bucking. This time, it was basically the same thing but a different ending. I was chatting with Ellie and walking Whitman on a long rein and Flynn spooked at the mounting block and Whitman simply erupted. To the best of my recollection, I went lurching off to the right. At one point I was really trying to hang on since I was dangling in front of his front legs and did not want to get stepped on. Then, honest to goodness, I thought I was about back in the tack and then the next thing I knew it was dark and I was trying to balance my entire weight on my left cheekbone. Don’t worry, dear reader – I did not get knocked unconscious, I was just nosed into the arena sand. I think I must have gotten my arms in front of me, judging by the fact that I was no longer in possession of my horse and feel as if my arms did a hundred push-ups.

I think what I am most irritated with is that I broke an 11 year streak of riding nut job training horses and training level eventing and even bigger stadium courses and always managed to keep my butt in the tack (yes, I recognize the humble brag, but it was well earned). Ellie is probably wondering why my falling off and her mother having to ride her own butt off to keep the red mare under control turned into her getting a lecture on appropriate language and the importance of always wearing a helmet, but such is life.


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